50 Beautiful and Stunning Beer Bottle and Can Designs

It is possibly older than bread, its yearly worldwide consume could fill a 500km³ big cube and Homer Simpson loves it. Are you already guessing what I’m talking about? It’s Beer, the golden nectar of the gods.

In this post we’re featuring 50 exceptional bear bottle and can designs, whether they’re just conceptual designs or known and widespread brands.
Beer brands often have very classical designs that emphasize tradition and quality, but you’ll see that a modern approach can make quite an impact on its own.

Just keep in mind: Don’t drink and design (or did I mean drive?).

If you know any other interesting and beautiful beer bottle and can designs just leave a link in a comment and we’ll add them to the list.


Stejar Bottle
Stejar Can
Stejar Plastic Bottle

5,0 Original

5,0 Original Cans
5,0 Original Bottles

Sleeman Brewery

Sleeman Brewery Bottles

Hallertau Extra Strength Heroic Beer

Hallertau Extra Strength Heroic Beer Bottles

Schoefferhofer Weizen

Schoefferhofer Bottles

Session Lager

Session Lager Cans

IP Beer

IP Beer


Carlsberg Bottle and Cans
Carlsberg 900 Bottle


Bierbank Bottle

Big Boss Brewing

Big Boss Brewing - Bad Penny Bottle and Package
Big Boss Brewing - Hell's Belle Bottle and Package
Big Boss Brewing - Angry Angel Bottle and Package

A.Le Coq

A.Le Coq Special Bottle


Heineken Bottle

Saison 1900

Saison 1900

Dead Rabbits and Carrots

Dead Rabbits and Carrots Bottle


Westmalle Bottles and Package


Desperados Bottle


Belle's Bottles


Guiness Can

Little Light

Little Light Cans

Amstel Premium Quality Lager

Amstel Premium Quality Lager Bottle


Stolz Bottles

Cable Car Brewing

Cable Car Brewing Bottle and Packaging


Drum Bottles

XXXX Summer Bright Lager

XXXX Summer Bright Lager Bottle


Castello Bottles
Castello Can

Bold City Brewery

Bold City Brewery Bottles

Trouble Brewing

Trouble Brewing Bottles

Vonu Pure Lager

Vonu Pure Lager Bottles


Kaliber Bottle and Cans


Kirin Bottles

Brøckhouse Breweries

Brøckhouse Breweries


Jever Bottles

Hitachino Nest Beer

Hitachine Nest Beer Bottles

Old Gold Premium Pils

Old Gold Premium Pils

Soho Brewery

Soho Brewery Bottles and Package

Northern United Brewing Company

Northern United Brewing Company

Fyne Ales

Fyne Ales Bottles


Fluid Bottles and Cans

Chambar Ale

Chambar Ale Bottle

Ringnes Sommerøl

Ringnes Sommerøl


Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel Bottle

Brew Dog

Brew Dog Bottles

Nelson Brewing

Nelson Brewing Bottle
Nelson Brewing Bottle


Bard's Bottle and Package

Great Divide Brewing Co.

Great Divide Brewing Co. Bottles


Monteith's Bottles

Amsterdam Pomegranate Wheat

Amsterdam Pomegranate Wheat

Moorhouse’s Brewery

Moorhouse's Brewery Bottles


Corona Bottle


Duff Can with Homer Simpson inside

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Comments so far

  1. Peach says:

    Wow… These are all very creative especially Session Lager. Nice list.

  2. Jamie says:

    Hi there –

    We’re really glad you liked our bottles, but we think we have improved the design beyond the picture you have. Can you give me an e-mail address to send you an up to date picture? You’ll like it.


    Jamie Delap
    Fyne Ales

  3. Alex @rrrali says:

    Wow, this is a great list of awesome designs that you have compiled. Nice work!
    .-= Alex @rrrali´s featured post: The Shed Restaurant and Brewery =-.

    • ximi says:

      Thanks for your kind comment, but the credit really goes to the amazing artists and designers that created these bottle and can designs.

  4. Katy Too says:

    It is amazing just how diverse they all are. Some are truly works of art.

  5. Hurmus says:

    Fantastic packages for precious liquids.
    .-= Hurmus´s featured post: Palavras desenhadas =-.

  6. Imon says:

    Session Lager has to be my favorite design.
    .-= Imon´s featured post: Create An Awesome Clean Gallery layout =-.

  7. ken says:

    WOW! nice list, but Rogue beer was left out. Get a Rogue Dead Guy!!!

  8. gustey says:

    Session is good but the best is northern united or nelson. In taste and design. Clean and great. Nice list. Thanks.

  9. Heineken is the best, for ever 😀

  10. beer brewing says:

    I don’t know about everyone else, but it seems like the better/fancier the beer label, the worse the beer. I know there are exceptions, but it seems to be a good rule of thumb. Nice picts though.

  11. Nice pics, fancy looking bottle doesn’t mean it taste good.

    • ximi says:

      Surely it doesn’t. Unfortunately (I really mean this) I didn’t have the possibility to taste all of these beers.

      I did try Corona, Desperados, Heineken, Stejar, Original 5.0, Carlsberg, Jever, Schoefferhofer and Erdinger, all of which aren’t bad beers.

      Schoefferhofer and Erdinger are great wheat beers, but Schoefferhofer clearly beats the latter. Jever and Stejar are really great beers as well and I also like a Desperados from time to time.

  12. Amazing array of beers all over the world (I guess!).

    picture perfect!

  13. Axel says:

    Yey, Duff actually exists. Is a mexican beer exactly with the Simpsons design. They already won the lawsuit against Fox for the rights. LOL
    .-= Axel´s featured post: 50 Beautiful and Stunning Beer Bottle and Can Designs |… =-.

  14. Jake says:

    wow, I really would love to try every single one of these beers.. a couple that stand out to me The Chamber Ale, the Nelson Brewery, Westmall.. The Dead Rabbits and Carrots is especially cool, it looks great, great name. I don’t think I have had any of these beers..where do they come from?? I’m gonna assume all over the world.
    .-= Jake´s featured post: Stereo Panning: Widen Your Vocals and Instruments =-.

  15. july says:


    beautiful peaces!

  16. pietro says:

    Im missing the Kona Beer from Hawaii.
    They have beautiful bottles and packages, and the beer itself is amazing too.

  17. Almost a work of art! haha, Awesome, where do I find all these wonders?

  18. Klaus says:

    Great list – Some of these bottles are not only bottles it is art

  19. Beer Cartel says:

    How cool are the Bold City Brewery ones. Great to see Montheiths and BrewDog in there too.

  20. luis says:

    castello looks has the desing on the bottle like heineken beer. I like the list you made. But you know…. is probably the best beer in the world
    .-= luis´s featured post: Pr 3 package =-.

  21. Hi, at the moment I am checking with my iphone four new design and style suggestions and so I’ve found your blog. Your design is really uncomplicated but also compare it to your posts. I feel I would use it for my 1st draft. Thank you for this concept!

  22. Craft Beer says:

    These bottles are really amazing. Sometimes even people don’t know yet the taste of the beer but if the bottle is good looking they are attracted to buy it. Thanks for sharing this collection.

  23. Really nice designs of Beer Bottle and Can, some of them looks so interesting. I really appreciate it.

  24. Wow!!! Awesome packaging of beer bottles. These bottles and canes are really amazing. Especially I like the design of session lager.
    Thanks for sharing the post.

  25. greg urbano says:

    what a grat post with all those great photos of beer! simply drinkable!
    .-= greg urbano´s featured post: St Pete Photo Walk =-.

  26. Some of these are great. I love the Brew Dog design, we are going to be doing a drink design soon so I may use this as inspiration!

  27. Jon says:

    I love the Amstel and Corona bottles, nice a sleek. Also, you should review more UK real ales, some really nice bottles here too. Adnams are very traditional, as are the Martsons.
    .-= Jon´s featured post: Martial Arts Classes Teach Children Self Discipline and Improve Character =-.

  28. AlexBogdan says:

    Really glad you like Stejar design, Romanian strong beer! 🙂

  29. I have no idea if Hitachino Nest Beer is good but I want it. I may possibly get their logo tattooed on my arm.

  30. Great selection, you should also check out the Phillips Beer labels and packaging, their from Victoria, BC..a great place for craft beers 😉

  31. jake says:

    so many beers I have never seen before or even heard of.. I need to travel more. Did yo hear about the new German beers that have 45% alcohol? Time to ad those to the list!

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