9 Photoshop Quick Actions

Today we have a free and unique set of 9 useful Photoshop Quick Actions for you. These photo-enhancing effects are easy to install and feature a variety of styles.

With just one click you can transform your latest photograph into a grainy black and white shot or add a vintage look to it.
Once applied to your photograph they still offer you room to fine-tune, due to the fact that they are based on Photoshop’s flexible adjustment layers.

In order to install the Quick Actions simply download the attached file and put it into your Adobe Photoshop > Presets > Actions folder. The next time you start Photoshop they are already waiting for you in the Actions Palette.

Here a quick overview over the actions with some sample images:

Original Photographs

Fruits - Original
Paris - Original

Black & White Effect (High Iso)

Fruits - Black & White (High Iso)
Paris - Black & White (High Iso)

Vintage Effect

Fruits - Vintage
Paris - Vintage

Black & White Effect (High Contrast)

Fruits - Black&White (High Contrast)
Paris - Black&White (High Contrast)

General Enhancement

Fruits - General Enhancement
Paris - General Enhancement

Cross-Processing Effect

Fruits - Cross-Processing
Paris - Cross-Processesing

Lomo Effect

Fruits - Lomo
Paris - Lomo

Ultra-High Contrast

Fruits - Ultra-High Contrast
Paris - Ultra-High Contrast

Cooling Effect

Fruits - Cooling
Paris - Cooling

Warming Effect

Fruits - Warming
Paris - Warming

The only thing left for you to do now is to download the Photoshop actions and start using them.

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  1. greensun says:

    lovely photoshop actions. they come very in handy. thanks so much for sharing them.

  2. Dumnezeu says:

    Cool stuff dude !!!

  3. it is great how you see a single picture with different effects. Your feelings differ also.

    Appreciate it much. 😀

  4. Tony says:

    extremley cool effects…brilliant post
    .-= Tony´s featured post: Welcome Message =-.

  5. I love the effects, especially the vintage effect. It’s awesome that from one picture you can create a few more with different effects.

  6. Thanks alot. I used these actions alot already. THanks for the share!! 🙂

  7. This post is absolutely amazing besides from the fact that all your posts here are epic! Thank you!

  8. fuji instax says:

    thanks for the actions, it really does speed the time up when using them.

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