DesignLovr is the blog of the freelance web designer ximi. He and his fiancee zEE run their own little web design business, zeemiDesign and work both as freelancers.

Recently ximi decided to share his passion for design, coding and blogging, pass on some of the knowledge he could gather so far and start his own design blog: DesignLovr.

DesignLovr features a broad range of themes, from Web and Graphic Design to Coding and Blogging and everything else that is related to design, in one way or the other. Informative articles, eye-opening tutorials and useful freebies are only some of the many ways used to share and spread passion and knowledge on DesignLovr.

We’re currently still in the beta phase, but we are looking forward to start this blog oficially with a big launch party (with loads of prizes) at the beginning of the next year.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We would also love to feature guest authors, so if you are interest please drop us a line.