DesignLovr Launch Party – Win Prizes Worth $1000+

The time for our big launch party has finally come…and what a party it is. The beta version has come to an end and we’re celebrating the birth of DesignLovr with a big bang and everybody is invited to join us.

You can even win something, big time!

Before we talk about the prizes let’s introduce DesignLovr:
DesignLovr is the blog of freelance web designer Ximi and it features a broad range of themes, from Web and Graphic Design to Coding and Blogging and everything else that is related to Design, in one way or the other. Informative articles, eye-opening tutorials and useful freebies are only some of the many ways used to share and spread passion and knowledge on DesignLovr.

We’re looking forward to grow and evolve together with some (hopefully most) of you and find our place in the design community.

We had the luck to find some amazing sponsors from all over the web and we have a big bunch of giveaways every designer can only dream about.
Let’s cut right to the chase and show you what you can win:

The prizes

3 Month Plus Membership to the Tuts+ Network

Who would have thought that a little marketplace for flash stock files (Back then: flashden – Now: activeden) could turn into a massive network of marketplaces, tutorial sites and blogs that make the job of thousands of web professionals a little bit easier every day?

Envato and its popular Tuts+ Network (with such sites as Psdtuts, Vectortuts or Nettuts) sponsors a 3 month membership to their Plus Program. If you win you will be able to download exclusive tutorials and resources as well as the source files of all tutorials that are published on the participating Tuts+ sites (Psdtuts, Vectortuts, Nettuts, Aetuts and Audiotuts).

6 Month Starter/Blog Hosting from this*

The guys over at this* web host, which also happens to be the web hosting service of our choice, were so kind to offer 6 months of their starter/blog web hosting. The winner can look forward to host 1 web site with 1GB of disk space, 50GB of bandwidth and many other features.

Check out their web site to find out more about their great services and different hosting packages.

1 Copy of Digging into WordPress by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr

Digging Into WordPress
As if Chris Coyier and Jeff Star wouldn’t already share enough of their never ending knowledge and experience on their blogs CSS-Tricks and Perishable Press, now they even teamed up and wrote an 400-page book soaked in WordPress goodness.

Digging Into WordPress isn’t only worth a read for wordpress newbies, but also for advanced and professional wordpress coders. You can read a sample chapter and find more information on the web site.
One of the lucky winners will soon be able to call the pdf-version of Digging Into WordPress his own.

3 flashTweets flash components from Flashloaded

We all know that the times when Twitter was just a simple micro-blogging platform are long gone and nowadays whole business models rotate around the blue, little bird.
That’s why the guys from Flashloaded offer 3 of their flashTweets components, which allow you to display the tweets of one or several twitter accounts in an elegant manner and with numerous functions.

Check it out on their web site and when you’re there you should also have a look at all the other great flash components they offer.

1 Year 100GB Online Backup from Mozy

Data loss is a common problem every computer user has to deal with eventually. Luckily Mozy offers a simple Online Backup that allows you to update and store selected folders and files from your computer online on the Mozy servers.

They offer individual solutions for private persons and businesses and their basic plan with 2GB of storage space is even free.
Mozy gives away a free account for 1 year with 100GB of storage space for one of our lucky readers.

3 x 500 Business Cards from UPrinting

UPrinting is one of the leading online printing companies and they print from business cards to flyers and posters pretty much everything printable you can imagine.

They are around for over 25 years and definitely know what they are doing. Services such as free proofing before payment, print templates and paper samples are only some of the unique ways they show their dedication to their customers.
UPrinting offers 3 of our readers each 500 Business Cards so they can promote themselves and their business.

2 x 1 Year Portfolio Accounts from Typekit

For a long time web designers were restrained in their creativity when it came to typography and font choices. Then @font-face came along and got our hopes up again until licensing problems made things much more complicated than initially thought. Luckily Typekit offers a solution for boring web typography and lets you beautify your web site with over 400 fonts.

Typekit is sponsoring 2 x 1 Year Portfolio Accounts, which will allow the lucky winners to implement unlimited fonts on 5 of their web sites.

6 Month Subscription to Dreamstime

A web site’s success stands or falls with its imagery and the best way to get high-quality images and graphics are stock photography sites such as dreamstime, which stands out of the crowd with over 7 million images that cover a broad spectrum of different themes and guarantee that you’ll find the right match for your design work.

Dreamstime offers 1 x 6 Month Subscription with which you can download up to 10 images per day – that’s an incredible overall number of up to 1820 images.

How you can win:

It’s quite easy to participate, all you have to do is to spread the word and leave a comment. Tweet about this contest or DesignLovr in general, write a post on your blog, upload a video to youtube or vimeo – just be creative.

As long as you write a few words about DesignLovr and have a link to this contest or another DesignLovr post, you’re in. Now you only have to leave a comment with the corresponding link, twitter username or whatever else is appropriate for your participation.

If you want to do more and help us a little feel free to promote us some more (tweet, digg, stumble, etc.), but you can only enter the competition once.

The contest is open for 10 days and ends Friday the 22nd of January (12:00 a.m. EST). The winners will be determined randomly.

As an additional bonus all readers that follow DesignLovr on Twitter and/or subscribe to our RSS-feed will receive an exclusive (and really awewsome) freebie at the end of the contest.

Good luck to everyone!

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    Hi Max! Huge congrats on your launch – may 2010 bring you much success! Cheers!

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