How to Reward the Commenters on Your Blog

Comments and the possibility to discuss content and posts are one of the most valuable and important parts of blogging and is amongst others what made it so popular.

If a blog has a lot of (meaningful) comments it is often a sign of high-quality, engaging and maybe even controversial posts.

But how can you motivate people to comment on your blog posts and reward those that actually do?

Let Search Engines Follow Their Url

Follow Their Url
Wordpress applies by default a rel=”nofollow” attribute to all external links in your comment list. This prevents search engine robots from following and indexing those links. By installing Kimmo Suominen’s DoFollow Plugin you can change that and let your commenters have some of your link love.

Let Them Share Their Own Posts

CommentLuv Example
By installing a plugin such as CommentLuv you give commenters that have a blog of their own the possibility to promote their latest posts. This will not only make your commenters happy, but can also be a valuable addition for all of your readers, considering that commenters often have a blog in the same or a similar niche.

Announce Your Top Commenters

Top Commenters
You can reward the readers that leave the highest number of comments by featuring them separately. If you have a weekly or monthly roundup you could do so in those posts or you can simply display a list in your sidebar. The Show Top Commentators Widget Plugin is a great way to achieve that. A nice and easy way to say thank you.

Respond to Comments

Respond to Comments
This is actually a very basic and almost self-evident thing to do and I’m simply assuming that this is more or less common practice. Responding to comments, answering questions and clarifying things will show your readers that you actually read and care about their comments and opinions. Keep in mind to be polite even if you are criticized (that’s part of being a blogger as well).

Visit, Promote and Comment on Their Web Sites

When someone is leaving a comment on your blog you should definitely have a look at their web site (maybe you’ll discover your new favorite blog), promote it by tweeting, digging and co. and leave a comment on your own. Reciprocal commenting can result in new contacts and sometimes even friendships.

Thank Them with an Email

Thank You Email
If you have an especially interesting and valuable comment that takes your post to a whole new level you might even consider writing a thank you mail to the respective commenter. It will surely be appreciated and with a little bit of luck evolve into an interesting conversation.

Don’t Overdo It

Don't Overdo It
I recently saw a blog that offered the user who leaves the most comments in a certain month a free ad space for the following month (I unfortunately can’t find the link anymore, otherwise I would have posted it here). Even though this is an interesting approach, I think it overshoots the mark. When it comes down to it, commenting on a blog shouldn’t be a competition and your readers should leave a comment because they have something to say, not because they’re after a prize.


By applying only some of these ideas to your blog you make leaving a comment on your blog already much more attractive and rewarding for your readers. Writing a good and elaborate comment takes some time after all and you should show your commenters that you appreciate that.

What Do We Offer Our Commenters?

You may have noticed that we recently added the CommentLuv Plugin as well as the Top Commenters Sidebar Widget. Our comments also do follow and we’re trying to keep up with you as good as we can in terms of looking at your sites and replying to your comments.

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  1. Richie says:

    Excellent article. I think commenting on an article is the best way to share your views and likeness. Always post interesting comments which are wise and gives a clear picture of what you think about the article. This way, not only the other readers become curious to know who you are, people will definitely follow your trail wherever you go 🙂

    Very informative. Apart from it, Thanks for the plugins. Never knew about them.

    Also, the commentluv plugin does not work when I comment. It always shows this “bad juju just happened, Banned for having 3 feed errors” 🙁

  2. Silviya says:

    Good article! The email part is kinda strange. If you are a new blogger yeah…but when u grow and your articles get 100 comments…sometimes I think the authors don’t even read them (and that sucks). And yet…strange doesn’t mean bad. Good article! Keep up the good work, really like what you are doing here!

  3. Kevin Cole says:

    Thanks for the quick summary. Simple but good ideas that I do, indeed, appreciate!

  4. Sara Nelson says:

    I’m forwarding this one to a number of our clients who blog – some better than others. Thanks for the helpful quick list!

  5. Madalin says:

    Thanks for sharing this! You know you`re right about commenters…I never thought that this is a way to keep them closer to the website.
    Thanks again!
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  6. Yagnesh Ahir says:

    Hey, its really helpful and cool post… Keep up the good work!
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  7. Imon says:

    Thanks for the tips.
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  8. Good article!, thanks…

  9. Mo'taz Al-Thaher says:

    Nice, it was a joyful read! well written, by the way i really like the soothing theme and colors of this blog, its healthy 🙂 , the logo must stand out some more!

  10. Robine says:

    Very good article, very informative and the plugins are great.
    .-= Robine´s featured post: Freek de Jonge =-.

  11. I don’t like to write silly things in comment boxes either. It’s not what I want to leave behind as my signature

  12. Eric Shafer says:

    CommentLuv is probably the best plugin for getting other bloggers to comment on your posts, although it generally doesn’t stir up intense debates, it’s better than nothing.
    .-= Eric Shafer´s featured post: 30 Lovely Hand-Picked Flower Desktop Wallpapers =-.

  13. Kiran says:

    Well said! I believe it is about quality of post than quantity… this goes for anything including social media followers!

  14. love the information here hope to read more

  15. Tracy says:

    Yes – CommentLuv, KeywordLuv, Top Commenters and do follow are the gold standard for recognizing the contributions of commenters. It’s too bad that they attract so many people that, in truth, are not interested in actual contribution to the site!

  16. Sabrina says:

    How nice!

    I think that responding to your commenters is really a great idea too. Not only can it attract more readers, but by responding, you can also foster online camaraderie with your commeenters, possibly creating a pool of followers for your blogs.

  17. BredbĂĽnd says:

    We have tried to implement some of these ideas on our website as we run WordPress as our CMS. We have good results with the ‘thank you’ mail and taking an active role in commenting.
    .-= Bredbünd´s featured post: Hvad er ADSL =-.

  18. Karen says:

    Plug- ins are really helpful to track those who gave comments to your article. I totally agree with the points. Hope to get more useful information on this site. Best regards.

  19. Very good article indeed. Allowing to follow the URL is one of the best things that can invite good quality comments. And replying to comments as well plays a big part.

  20. some good ideas.. now the next step is getting some readers!!

  21. You bring up some good points about using CommentLuv. It just amazes me about how many so called bloggers do not take advantage of this feature along with not doing SEO on their copy or making the content shareable.

  22. thnx a lot for this post , i m going to implement some of these things on my blog ,so that it gets some comments.
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  23. Kendal Dundlow says:

    Wow! I actually loved this blog. You give me many good info, thanks!

  24. Sachin Gupta says:

    Excellent Article! Commenters are the important aspect for the blog. It’s increase your communication with other. Regular communication gives you a tremendous amount of traffic.
    .-= Sachin Gupta´s featured post: Web Hosting =-.

  25. A good way to obtain a greater boom from your article marketing would be to cross reference subject-related content articles between each other.

  26. matt says:

    its a very effective method
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