What’s going on with DesignLovr…

Dear readers, occasional visitors, fellow bloggers, friends and fans,
some of you have most probably been wondering what’s going on with DesignLovr, considering that I haven’t published any new posts for over 3 months now. I will try to explain you why that was the case and also tell you what my plans for the future of DesignLovr are.

First off I would like to apologize – to all my regular readers, those that have supported me since I started DesignLovr and all the others that have been waiting for a new post – for letting you down and not providing you with fresh material for your eyes and brains.

My time and motivation have been buried by a huge workload and a bunch of personal problems, most of which I was fortunately able to work out in the meantime, but they have made me reconsider how I approach DesignLovr and this whole blogging (ad)venture I started.

There will be some changes in the future, even though I haven’t exactly worked out what and how I’m going to make things different. I’m considering a (complete) redesign, a different (less frequent) posting schedule, eventually a touch of art direction and some other things, but nothing is written in stone yet and I’m open to suggestions.

Until these changes manifest and take place I’ll try to return to a more regular posting schedule and try to publish at very least one post per week and I will of course keep you posted on any decisions/changes I make.

If you have any ideas on how I should do things differently or simply want to swear me a little for not posting in such a long time, feel free to leave a comment below and share your opinion with me and the other readers.

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Comments so far

  1. DrCriss says:

    I’m glad you’re back..i really missed your posts 🙂 especially the Resource Wednesday 😀
    .-= DrCriss´s featured post: Profesorul avea dreptate ieri =-.

  2. Olivia says:

    I’ll be waiting patiently :D.
    Meanwhile I hope everything will sort out just fine for you!

  3. Jacob says:

    Missing new posts. Would be interesting to see new interesting updates.

  4. Kat Skinner says:

    Hope all is going ok. It is great to see that your still considering options with your blog (it would be horrible if your passion for blogging burnt out and you didn’t want to do it anymore!).

    Changing direction is always a good idea, particularly if its on a topic that you enjoy. Many of your posts are quite different to standard blogs, and to keep this style going would be great. I essentially mean the way you write, and describe examples, particularly when it comes to your tutorials. It’s quite refreshing to read these different perspectives and approaches.

    The topic of art would be quite interesting. Art has many practicalities and approaches, and it would be quite interesting to read your opinions.

    Posts on inspirational pictures, and featured artists, would be easy for you to source and write – so if you are busy this would be an excellent idea to give some filler content for your blog that is still good quality. Again, for the lesser work load on your behalf, it would be great to keep inspiration posts, and freebies, coming, as they will require less work than complete and fully unique articles.

    Posts on lessons and the study of basic principles of art would be quite helpful – however will take more time to write. It would be great if you could do posts like this that studies artworks/designs/etc and deconstruct them in elements of colour, composition, etc. By not just telling us what aspects such as the colour and composition there is apparent in the picture (which we can see for ourselves) but explaining why such things work effectively in those pictures would make a basic post higher quality. It might be considered silly to state that the “yellow text in a picture is more noticeable due to the blue background, as the colours are complimentary”, but the more it is mentioned the more likely a designer will be aware of it and start using such principles (most of the time we only subconsciously consider this sort of stuff in our works, and often badly).

    If you are worried about how often you can post content, perhaps consider getting some help from the general community, and other authors. This can be done in cheap or paid, and won’t necessarily cost you anything. Many people would be honored to have their work posted on successful and popular blogs, and wouldn’t want any more. In exchange, you could offer at the end of their posts, and author box that provides links to that authors website, twitter, etc. The exchange of links can be enough in most situations to be considered payment. One issue with this approach is to be careful of other people’s work; it will need to be proofread for incorrect data, etc. However, proof reading can be a lot quicker than writing entire posts yourself. I would even be happy to write some posts for you for free if you want, and don’t worry I do high quality work and provide all sourcing – just email me.

    As for changing your theme, I would be very unhappy to see this design go (I love it! It’s on my list of “top fav blog designs” in bookmarks). However, again, change is good, and if the next theme design is anything nearly as nice and well planned out, I must admit I can’t wait to see it.

    I have tried to address all issues that you requested comments on (sorry my comment got so long!). Good luck for all your future endeavors! I will be among all the other fans that are eagerly waiting for your next posts.

  5. Thank you so much for this post. I found it really useful. I love the look of your blog btw!

  6. You’ll stay nice and warm in my feedreader 🙂
    .-= website bouwen´s featured post: Overweeg de juiste Title-tag voor je hoofdpagina =-.

  7. Sms application says:

    Miss the blogging here. Will come back again later, like the site a lot.

  8. I know how a giant workload can cut into fun side projects. I was happy to find this blog – I find it both beautiful and interesting.

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